Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr. Koloski and Borat

One of the most significant "ethnic Macedonian" diaspora organisations is the "United Macedonian Diaspora" (UMD) which is based in Washington DC. The president of the UMD is Metodija A. Koloski.



The objectives of the UMD are listed as follows:


I have underlined the last objective from above for a particular reason. Mr. Koloski and his organisation self describe as standing for peace and equality and for promoting stability in the region within the framework of "the world community". If Mr. Koloski is so concerned about peace, equality and civility why is he, the President of the most significant "ethnic Macedonian" diaspora organisation, participating in the forums of a nationalist website,, and posting video clips with overt racist themes involving Greece and Greek politicians:


Remember that this is the leader of a major "ethnic Macedonian" diaspora organisation which allegedly promotes peace and equality advertising a video clip, in a public forum read by thousands, titled "BORAT HELL ASS" with obvious implicit and explicit racist themes.

This is the video clip:

I ask the reader to imagine the uproar this action would create if a similar video with equal themes was directed at the Jewish community or the African American community and was advertised by the leader of a diaspora organisation on a public internet forum read by thousands. Mr. Koloski engages in this racist activity on one website while on his own UMD website he claims he stands for promoting peace and equality. Racist videos such as the one Mr. Koloski has advertised will only serve to fuel the nationalist fires in Greece and in F.Y.R.O.M.

Furthermore, how would Mr. Koloski and his diaspora cohorts react if the leader of a major Greek diaspora organisation such as the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association sunk to the level of posting racist video clips on public internet forums? Why do the notions of civility, peace and equality only apply to Mr. Koloski's cause when they suit his agenda?

With these actions Mr. Koloski and his organisation have shown themselves to be amateurs and a farce. I suppose that if he has to resort to posting on to appeal for donations from his most radical and nationalist diaspora compatriots he has to do as the locals do and advertise his true racist tendencies.

Shame on you Mr.Koloski.

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akritas said...

Is not only Koloski but the majority of Slavamcedonians. Just add the "Human Rights Activist", Bill Nicholov, and his derogatory comments about the Greeks....FYROMacedonian Nationalistic Web Sites, who is Behind them